Tips for renting the perfect lighting and audio system in chennai

Tips for Renting the perfect lighting and audio system for your D-Day

linz audio lighting system in chennai
  • What is even a wedding without some noise and celebrations? Boring right? Weddings are all about music, noise, lighting, and dance, especially Indian weddings!
  • India is a country known for its diverse culture and religious practices. In most of our culture and traditional values, weddings literally translate to be loud with several celebrations. Hence to fulfill these celebrations at its best, renting a perfect lighting and audio system is essential.
  • If your D-Day is nearing, then you cannot afford to make a mistake while renting out the audio and lighting. Only a professional company can make your Sangeet and other wedding celebrations an unforgettable memory to cherish for a lifetime. In that case, Linz, experienced audio and light rental, has been a service provider in this field for more than four decades. The company is a leading firm in providing sophisticated audio and light systems for celebrations. The professionals in the company have several years of experience in serving a wide range of audiences.
  • Let us have a vivid discussion about the tips to rent a perfect lighting and audio system for your D-Day.
  • The top things to look out while hiring equipment from the audio and light rental company are:


  • The foremost thing to watch out for an audio and light rental company is their experience. Even a minor problem in the light and audio system could be a major turn off to your guests. Hence there is no room for mistakes or buffers. For this, the experience is the key. Several decades of experience is mandatory for an audio and light rental company to produce a solid performance.
  • So, the experience is the first box to tick in your list while you hire an audio and light rental company. Linz, a professional event planner, possesses over four decades of experience in providing audio and light systems for rental. Hence, a top-notch performance is guaranteed from the hired event equipment.

Keeping up with trends

  • Do you what makes your Sangeet and other wedding celebrations stand out and continue to roll around in your guests’ chit chats? Yes, it is the innovative ideas incorporated in your weddings. Especially if there are some techniques to play with, then it is definitely the lightings and DJ set up.
  • With this, the guests can always expect the unexpected. Yes, the rental company should always try and keep their guests on their heels with their advanced equipment. Linz, a professional audio and light rental company, provides you the most sophisticated sound system for rental. So, if you are planning a lavish wedding party, all you have to do is connect with Linz’s professionals and hire your Sangeet equipment now.

Check out the ratings and reviews

  • If you are surfing for lights and audio rental for your Sangeet now, you will probably be left with hundreds of opportunities near you. Hence, the chances are high that you might end up choosing the wrong rental company. The only way to choose the right company is to check the ratings and reviews of the company. Besides, you should also check if the reviews are transparent and fair.
  • Linz, top-rated audio and light rental company, withholds finest reviews and holds a great and satisfied client base. You can reach out to the Linz site and check out the clients’ review and go to choose them for the best audio and light rentals for your D-Day.

Responsible planners

  • A rental company’s job doesn’t end with renting out the light and audio equipment. But, they are also expected to transfer the audio and light systems to the spot safely. Followed by this, the event planners should analyze the location, check where the event equipment can be rightly placed, which spot can be effective, and more. The planners should further trial check if all the equipment functions properly.
  • If you are renting out the DJ system, it is advised to provide the suggested song list to your DJ prior to the event’s commencement. Also, the DJs should play the list of songs and check sound and clarity.
  • Linz, being professional audio, the light rental company, let its event planners visit the event location far before the function starts and analyze the spot. They will suggest the best spots where the equipment can be placed for effective functioning.

All in one place

  • Hiring and handling event equipment is even more tedious if you choose separate companies to hire separate event equipment. So, a wise choice would be choosing a company where you can hire all pieces of equipment in one place. It will greatly reduce the stress of handling multiple planners and too many ideas.
  • Linz, a professional event planning company, is a one-stop solution for all your event needs. For all kinds of audio systems, DJ systems, lightings, rock ‘n’ roll floors, and much more exciting equipment, one thing you need to do is, contact Linz.

Affordable price

  • Hiring and handling event equipment is even more tedious if you choose separate companies to hire separate event equipment. So, a wise choice would be choosing a company where you can hire all pieces of equipment in one place. It will greatly reduce the stress of handling multiple planners and too many ideas.
  • Linz, a professional event planning company, is a one-stop solution for all your event needs. For all kinds of audio systems, DJ systems, lightings, rock ‘n’ roll floors, and much more exciting equipment, one thing you need to do is, contact Linz.

Successful Corporate Event in Chennai

6 Steps To Conduct A Successful Corporate Event in Chennai

  • A corporate event is conducted in order to brand a company, promote a product, and for various other business motives. Apart from this, corporate events are the best place to collaborate with your peer companies and create a good rapport among them and your employees as well. 
  • In that way, organizing a corporate event at regular intervals is essential. However, it takes a lot for a corporate event to be a successful one, and there are numerous challenges.
  • Let’s see the step by step procedure of organizing a successful corporate event in Chennai.

Set the Budget in Corporate Event

  • Setting a preliminary budget once before you plan your event is essential. Calculate the rough amount that would cost for hall rental, invitation, food, DJs, and more according to the requirements of your party. Keep in mind that the budget rate may vary once after the event.

Appoint the organizing team

  • An event organizing team is solely responsible for conducting the party, communicating with the internal employees, meeting with the companies that they will be inviting for the event, talking with the entertainment team, and more. 

  • Appointing a separate team to take care of every department is important. Especially, a small team should always follow up with the budget and see that it is not exceeding the fixed amount. Also, the collection of bills for every purchase and booking is important for future references or reimburse purposes.

Select your theme for Corporate Event in Chennai

  • Fixing on a particular theme gives solidity to your event. Especially if your event is going to be a promotion of a product, sticking to a theme based on the product fascinates your guests. 

  • The theme essentially need not be fixed on color but can be effected on serving glasses, plates, songs played, floor mats, notepads, and more.

Prepare your Guest List

  • If your event is going to be an official event, then it is important that you prepare your guest list and ask them to hold their dates far before the big day.
  • Once after the preparation of the guest list is done, do not forget to prioritize your guest list. Segregate your list of people by their availability, number of times to remind, must-invite guests, etc..,

The Nature of the Event

  • According to the nature of the event, make your objectives, and set your function. If your event is going to be based on the promotion of a product, see that all the themes of your event somewhat replicate the product. 
  • In case your event is going to be a professional meeting, try to keep things simple, neat, and classic. On the contrary, if you are conducting a fun-filled program, naturally, the shout-out for the event can be more, and you can bring in more creative ideas to entertain your guests.


  • For a corporate event in Chennai, the promotion is a must. It highly helps in the shout out of your brand and how you take things forward. Though a professional meet does not demand much promotions, a fun event, a gala eve, or an event for promoting your product, definitely demands a shout out about your big day.
  • Are you looking out to conduct your corporate event? Why take up all tension in mind? Choose expert service providers near you, sit back and chill. Sign up with Linz for professional corporate event organizers who can take up all responsibilities and make your event a big success.

Hiring Commercial Generators

  • A reliable power source is a must-have essential while you are conducting events such as birthday parties, sangeet parties, corporate meetings, press meets, musical concerts, etc. To ensure continuous power supply without any interruptions to your major audio and visual equipment, hiring a solid commercial generator is required.
  • Linz, a professional audiovisual company with more than four decades of experience in hosting events, offers a wide range of portable commercial power generators for rental. 
  • The placement and transformation of these portable generators on hire will be completely taken care by the technicians at Linz and so you need not worry about power cuts on your events, no matter how remotely the event takes place.
  • Especially if you are hosting an outdoor event, that too post evening hours; you will require an absolute power support. If you are looking to rent out the commercial generators in chennai, think of the below factors before doing it:

Why rent a generator in chennai?

  • For most of the events, renting the generators are suggested rather than purchasing it. The major reason for this is, hiring generators is the only cost-effective way. Because the maintenance of generators is not an easy process.
  • There should be a qualified professional who continuously analyses the machine condition as in when to change oil, batteries, etc. The purchase of new batteries and filling-oil, cleaning the machine, also costs a lot. 
  • Comparing to all of these, renting a generator is pocket-friendly. Further, the machine operators will be assigned by the company. The professionals will take care of handling these machines and quickly solve all the technical issues. So, you need not worry when the generator stops working.
  • In addition, the generator types differ according to the events. Hence, you cannot go on to purchase different types of generators for all your events. It is when the generator rental companies come into the frame. As they withhold a wide range of generators, hiring one according to your need becomes easy.
  • Also, portable generators vary in size. Transforming these generators is a tedious process. However, by hiring these portable commercial generators, you can stay free from all these complex processes.
  • Linz provides the most affordable generator on hire and generator rental in Chennai.

Experienced Professionals in Disc Jockey & Wedding Dj

  • Besides powering your event, the event planners are also expected to calculate the amount of power required to run the event and suggest the power generator accordingly. It can be carried out by experienced professionals only. These technicians are savvy in calculating the power needs and then determine the generator type.
  • Further, they take up the complete responsibility of generator management, safety, and handling them with professional skills.
  • At Linz, the professionals will provide on-site support in working with the generator both during times of emergencies and taking care of the generator while on general use.
  • Looking to hire a commercial generator for you? We got you covered. Choose Linz to hire all kinds of power generators for your next event.
  • Linz provides the best wedding dj in Chennai and generator on Hire.

Choosing Linz – a professional audiovisual company

  • The professional generator technicians at Linz have in-depth industrial knowledge to manage the commercial generators with ease. Linz is a pro in offering several generator types for hire.
  • All the generators that the audiovisual company suggest to their clients have advanced specifications, top-rated new and innovative models, customizable power options, thoroughly inspected and services, verified oil and battery usage – all these will ensure a quality generator ready for hiring. The technicians also conduct test runs before the final event day, and so there is no room for mistakes if you hire generators at Linz.
  • If you are planning to host your next event around the corner, feel free to reach out to Linz and check the top-notch generators available for hire.